Monday, February 7, 2011

Rotten with Perfection

The Knit a Journey podcast had an episode on perfection a few years ago. I have been stalled by perfection in my knitting so far this year. With lace knitting you need to be able to look at this tangled mess in your lap and have faith that it will be beautiful! Having that faith does not come naturally to me. I knit and obsess over every imperfection. Case in point, please consider the picture above. I immediately abandoned this project because the beads didn't look right. It looks really good to me now and if I had persevered through my doubt I would have a beautiful beaded scarf to wear.
I have started at least 5 projects this year and abandoned them. Whether this is knitter's ADHD or a lack of faith it is driving me nuts! Tonight I cast on again for a lace scarf and am going to complete it this month. You read it here, no frogging, no giving up!