Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Life's Pleasures

Sometime over the last few weeks I asked myself why knitting, yarn and weaving were so important to me. I was wondering why so much of my time went into these pursuits. I think I get tangled up in thinking all my time should be devoted to hard work and socially redeeming activities. Thanks alot mom! I really, really enjoy it and that is enough. No need to analyze the significance of knitting socks, just keep doing it because it is fun and not harmful to me or anyone else.

Last night I went to my first weaving class. What fun, there were 11 women with varying levels of experience and one very nice, laid back teacher. I was wondering if it would be worth the drive to Siler City every Tuesday night for eight weeks. DUH, YEAH it is!

Today I got home and had packages. One was my Wollmeise lace grab bag. It sounds extremely odd but during the wee hours one night I jumped onto ravelry and found out there had just been a Wollmeise update. I went to the website and ordered a lace grab bag. For about $50.00, you order sight unseen one skein, 1750 yards of lace weight yarn. I opened the package and it is a beautiful saturated navy blue. It comes in the distinctive WM packaging with gummy bears and a free pattern. It was just fun to wait for the mystery yarn. I will not allow myself to do this again for many months but gosh what fun!

I started a lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today and as you can see I had some help!