Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a FO

Finally a finished object for 2011. This was made out of one skein of Kid Silk Haze and is primarily garter stitch...booring!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Still taking my breath away!

Today I turned 55 years old. This feels like a signifigant birthday, I am not sure why but I have been so excited about this one. Today, Reed came to my office with 56 roses, 55 red and 1 pink to "grow" on. I was speechless. He proceeded to sing me Happy Birthday in his deep baritone. Amazing after all these years he can still take my breath away!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Carrying Yarn

Wanted to share two wonderful Christmas gifts and the motto for 2011. Keep Calm and Carry Yarn! My daughter gave me the great yellow project bag and the poster I received in the Girls with Purls Christmas swap (thanks Allison and Adonna). The poster is hanging in my office and the bag is my go to project bag. In case you are curious yes, that is a bedpan to the right with silk flowers - my ode to nursing. Off to knit in front of the fire on this chilly Saturday.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Equipped to Knit

About five years ago I purchased an "Emergency Sock Kit" from Cassiana on Etsy. I loved it and always had it with me to ensure I was like McGyver - prepared for every contingency. Unfortunately the Beeagle struck again. There are no more to be had on Etsy so I made my own. Three to be more precise. One for home, my office and my purse. I am so well prepared it is scary. Now if I can stop playing with the sewing and get knitting... They are stocked with scissors, ruler, crochet hook, sock needles, markers, cable needles, floss and a Chibi with darning needles.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cashmere Chew Toy

The second picture is some lovely Artyarns Cashmere 1. It used to be 560 yards however, Penny (picture one) thought it was a chew toy and carried it throughout the house until discovered. Tonight I re-wound the cashmere and removed the damaged parts. Hopefully there is about 400 yards left for a scarf. I have worn my one and only VLT project(Scarf with the striped border page 80) a couple of times this last week and forgot how much I love it! This is the reason my 2011 VLt list starts with #2. I cast on the Scarf or Shawl with a center pattern (VLT page 16) with a couple of yarns before I settled on Shaefer Anne in a blue green. Tonight I will use the "cashmere chew toy" to cast on for Scarf with a wide and handsome border (VLT page 88). By the way, the beagle is alive and well and much loved!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Moving into 2011

Looking back on 2010, it seems I did more thinking about knitting, raveling, deciding what to knit and what to knit it with than actually knitting! What up with that? I think I have knitter's ADHD. Too many options = overload! The first lace book I bought was Victorian Lace Today (VLT) is still my favorite. I have only knit one project out of it thus far but have picked fifteen I want to knit. This is my plan for 2011: 2. Scarf or Shawl with a center pattern with Artyarns Cashmere 1 560 yards in a sage green. 3. Large rectangle with center diamond pattern with Alpaca Fino with a Twist 875 yards in a pale gold. 4. Shoulder shawl in a Syrian pattern with Pagewood Farms Willow Creek 1350 yards in a variegated navy. 5. Scarf with Clarence border with Ella Rae Lace weight 560 yards in a pink and red. 6. Melon Pattern with Shaefer Audrey 700 yards in Chamomile. 7. Pink Sampler Shawl with Wollmeise Lace Garn 1700 yards in Lila Ludmilla WD. 8. Double Bordered Scarf from Weldon's 1887 with yarn TBD. 9. Three Cornered Shawl in Clover Pattern with yarn TBD. 10. Large Rectangle in Leaf and Trellis pattern with Skaska 1200 yards in rose. 11. Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf Pattern with Silk 900 yards in rose. Whew! Big plans I need to sleep on this...