Thursday, August 1, 2013

Holy UFOs Batman

I have dithered back and forth about whether to start on my handspun sweater, start on baby stuff or finish my WIPs. I am being a grown up and decided to finish my WIPs. Here they are:

First up and oldest is the Lacy-Hug-Me-Tight.

Second we have My Pike. I love this yarn, it was purchased with a Christmas gift card at Fiber Addiction on the Outer Banks.

Third we have the Flatter Me Vest out of a discontinued yarn, Tahki Savoy.

Fourth up is my old nemesis Deep Peace.

Last but not least or actually it is the least of these is my simple Victorian Lace Today Scarf.

There has been some sewing for a baby shower of a co-worker. These are some burp cloths and bibs and some baby soap.