Saturday, March 26, 2011

Behold the Socks of Doom

These socks were started last September to be a Christmas gift for a co-worker. The challenges in completing them have been legion: 1.)to get correct gauge had to use size #1 needles. Proceeded to break two harmony knitpicks dpns 2.)convinced my self halfway through sock one that knitting socks for a male co-worker was "creepy"...thanks Allison 3.)Christmas 2010 comes and goes 4.)male co-worker laments getting Obama calendar when female co-workers show off hand knitted gifts 5.)switch to Addi Turbo metal size #1 dpns to complete first sock 6.)decide first sock looks like crap and almost frog it 7.)finish toes of first sock after three tries as stitches keep sliding off metal slipperyier (not a real word and I don't care)than hell dpns 8.)start second sock, take sock everywhere, decide sock embodies all the world's woes (Charlie Sheen,sucky economy,tsunami, nuclear melt down) 9.)knit socks on beach in March wind - sock#2 lands in diet coke 10.)attempt to finish toes of second sock after using first sock for measuring, husband sees beagle running through living room with first sock 11.)rescue first sock -no signifigant damage to sock or beagle 12.)finish toes of second sock after two tries(see - slipperyier dpns, wash and block 13.)pose sock for picture at Border's Books in Chapel Hill during out of business sale (see - sucky economy) 14.)say grace over socks to remove bad thoughts and evil mojo and put in 2011 Christmas box 15.)Vow to choose sock recipient and yarn more carefully - size 13 feet, Malabrigo sock on size #1 dpns - you do the math!

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Allie said...

They look awesome...not at all creepy!