Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Looming Large

Finally, my large loom is warped and I am actually weaving on it. After a very brief time with my smaller rigid heddle loom I knew I wanted a floor loom. I spent several weeks haunting the web, Craig''s list, weavolution, ravelry etc... It became apparent to me that a used loom was the way to go and I needed to find it locally as shipping was crazy expensive! I came across an ad for a used 36 inch Leclerc Artisat in Wake Forest and we went and took a look. It was/is approximately 30 years old and in good working order. Home with me it came and Reed took it apart and replaced the hardware. We polished it and then struggled with where to put it. We decided a corner of the living room was the most feasible place. Reed built me a bench, warping board, heddle stand and cone holder. The bench and warping board are in the photos above. The bench is gorgeous and the picture doesn't do it justice! I completed the first sample out of the Beginning Weaver's book and now have my second warp on the loom now. Hard to describe but weaving on it feels like coming home to something, deeply satisfying. I am looking forward to many hours on this loom and definitely have alot to learn.

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Rebekah said...

Wow! Congratulations on your grown up loom! I can't wait to see what comes off it.