Sunday, February 19, 2012

Warped Sunday

I started the year with the best of weaving intentions and then promptly encountered the warp from HELL! 280 ends of 8/2 cotton which I wound into a 7 yard warp. I sleyed the reed and heddles were threaded without incident. Then when I tried to wind the warp onto the beam, I heard pop, pop, pop as threads broke. I fixed about ten broken threads and then walked away. Every time I attempted to fix this warp I ended up making it worse. Dear hubbo got sick of hearing me say I needed to straighten this out and helped me do it today. Lessons learned: next time a shorter warp, thicker thread until my warping improves and do not think you can move the tangles to the front of the loom towards the chain. This way leads to madness. So now the Broken Top Twill towels are under way!

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