Sunday, April 15, 2012

CH.. CH... Changes

So far 2012 has been a year of change. At the end of 2011, my mother-in-law who had lived with us for eight years moved to Florida. Last month our parrots, which we had had for over twelve years went to live in a wonderful bird sanctuary. This month dear husband's job was eliminated. We wanted to simplify our lives and now is the time. We are on a new trajectory, I don't know where we are headed but have faith it is the right road for us. There has been some knitting, my Wurm hat and a baby ensemble. Also some stash enhancement. My wonderful daughter and equally wonderful daughter-in-law went with me to see New York city. It was my first visit and they were excellent tour guides and travel companions. It was overwhelming. I saw everything I wanted to see. Especially loved the Golden Buddha in Chinatown and Cafe Roma in Little Italy. I visited Gotta Knit, M and J Trimming and my favorite Habu Textiles which was literally a block from our hotel. I made a modest purchase at Habu and was enchanted by the store. I am currently cranking out six Spa cloths to give our support staff dor Administrative Professionals Day which is April 23, 2012.

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