Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fiber Camp - Day Five and Six

If you have never taken a week off and stayed home, I highly recommend it.  It has been a pleasure to have no schedule and just play.  The Jacob fleece purchased at MDSW is all clean.  I have a lot of  flicking in my future.
You can see it is separated into white, dark, mixed and deep blue.
These are five more eco-dyed scarves.  The brown and bright pinkish purple are from spent day lilies.

This a 100% cotton T-shirt eco-dyed in a bundle with irises, marigolds and onion skins.
Lastly, banana puddin'.  Made old fashion style from the recipe on the Nilla Wafers box.  Susan this is real banana pudding!

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Susan Sitze said...

No, no, no... I'm going to bring some better banana pudding to GWP in August!

You've been really busy, glad you're having fun!