Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday is Dye Day

I have signed up for Rebecca Metzoff's on line tapestry class which starts on Monday.  She recommends using Harrisville Highland for weft.  Unfortunately The Mannings did not have a wide selection of colors in the skein and I did not want to buy several cones.  I bought two cones of white and purchased a Greener Shades organic dye starter kit at MDSW.
First step was to wind off 50 yard skeins.

Next, I washed the nine small skeins in Synthrapol.

Drying in the sun.

Because I wanted to do nine small skeins I used mason jars set in the dye pot.

The Greener Shades dye instruction sheet was very clear and concise.  For the majority of the colors I used only 1/8 teaspoon of dye.  For the reds, black and orange I used 1/4 teaspoon.  I used bamboo skewers to stir the dye and wool gently.  After the temperature of the water inside the jar reached 175, I added 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid to each jar.  I let the temperature get close to 200degrees and then turned off the heat and let the jars cool.

The yarn was dumped out of the jar into a strainer and the washed in Soak.

Drying in the sun.

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Rebecca Mezoff said...

What a cool way to get colors for the class! I applaud (mightily!) your persistence in doing it this way. It is the best way to get colors you want anyway once you figure out some forumlas. Cheers! (And so glad to have you in the class!)