Monday, May 11, 2009

Sister Time @ Stitches Atlanta

My sister and I met in Atlanta for Stitches, her first, my third. What a good time! It seemed smaller than Baltimore but my class was so amazing it more than made up for it! I took a six hour class, Embraceable Lace with Galena Khemeleva. She is an excellent teacher, funny, knowledgeable and laid back. She took the stress out of lace for me. We had about 18 in the class and all different skill levels were represented. The cool thing about Russian Lace - no purling! As a beginner, I found I need to have the plain knit row between the pattern rows. It is hard to explain but my mind contracts as I focus on the pattern and then relaxes and expands on the plain knit rows. Holding my breath on the pattern row does not help either! She gave us a terrific little stash of lace weight for our materials fee. It was great fun to chose 5 different little balls and see everyone's color choices. I will post pics tomorrow after camera retrieved from work! Thanks to all who have donated to the race for the cure! I had to up my goal from $150.00 to $500.00!

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