Friday, May 15, 2009

To RIP or not to RIP

After working the decreases in my leaf yoke cardigan I had 91 stitches for the front and 89 for the back instead of 89 for each. I convinced myself it wouldn't really matter, after all it is only 2 stitches. My Yarn Harlot calendar had a pithy piece on determining when to fix an error. I read it, disregarded it and continued to work for about 3 more inches on the sweater. I tried to push away the nagging questions - will it fit, will it hang correctly and have I screwed the whole thing up and am too stupid to realize it? Oh and of course my favorite - if I rip it am I being too obsessive? Bottom line I ripped back to before the decreases. After all, it is knitting and I enjoy knitting...except when I am making myself miserable obsessing over it!

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