Thursday, August 25, 2011


It has been a long time since I knit a sweater. This sweater is one I don't know if I will wear but it was a good learning experience. The pattern was an extremely simple top down raglan. Probably too simple as I was bored after the first bit. I did learn to make button holes on my sewing machine and use grosgrain ribbon to face each side of the button bands. Technically there are no errors in this sweater. The knitting is even and consistent. Used quality yarn - Rowan organic pure wool. I still think this looks more home-made than handmade. Trying to figure out why that is. Reed says I am too critical but I don't think so. Until I figure this out no more sweaters for me! Thank God, vacation is finally here. tomorrow we leave for the beach and more importantly I have 11 days off from work! This has been a grueling summer and I am ready to leave it behind!

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