Monday, June 11, 2012

Deep Peace

Deep Peace,  Deep Perserverance, Deeply Disturbed

This weekend involved an epiphany.  Unless I want to rendezvous with the guys with  the huggy coats it is time to put this one  away.  I need to rip back about twelve inches and I have already knit the same six inches of chart B at least eight times.  I seriously began to question my cognitive abilities.  Perhaps I need to achieve Deep Peace before I pick this one up again!

Now I have a nice pair of socks on the needles and life is good again.

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Sharon said...

I don't see an email for you so will answer you here. I've made soap for over a dozen years and also started by giving it to friends. I learned from Susan Cavitch's books and have learned a lot from Robin Hasty, another blogger. She recommended a Yahoo group "Soap and other obsessions" which you might find helpful. Check out her blog: