Sunday, June 3, 2012

Perfect Weekend

Yesterday we had a Girls with Purls dye day at my house. We had five crockpots and the microwave and dozens of packets of koolaid.   It was such fun.  There were 19 of us including Reed and I.  We enjoyed the gorgeous weather and gobbled down some burgers and hotdogs.  I love my friends.  We never fail to have fun and way too much food.  They are a great group and I am extremely fortunate.  I was running around too much to take pics but others did and I will share soon. 

Today we are headed out to the park to picnic and fly kites.  It is the most gorgeous day, sunny and breezy.  Reed does the actually flying of kites, I make the ultimate sacrifice and sit in the shade watching and knitting. 

Below are some Spa Cloths with some of my handmade soap.  From left to right it is Rosemary Wake -Up, kitchen soap with coffee and lemongrass and lemon poppyseed.

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