Thursday, July 12, 2012

Am I a Luddite or a Troglodyte?

thesaurus for luddite:technophobe, fear, green, moron, environmentalist, fundamentalist, geekned ludd, nerd, technology, troglodyte, doubt, dumbass, earth ego-warrior, fud, fuddite, hate, ignorant, more... 

thesaurus for troglodyte: caveman, neanderthal

Apparently the term luddite came from those opposed to the industrial revolution who destroyed mechanical knitting machines in opposition to the mechanization and de-humanization of knitting and weaving processes.  A troglodyte is defined as a reclusive sort who shuns technology.

This week, I missed a text, an e-mail and a phone call from Rachel saying she was in Sanford and wanted o have dinner with her mom and dad.  I did review the messages it was just 4 hours later and much too late for dinner.  Secondly, I tried to respond to a text to a dear friend and sent her a blank text which then prompted her to call me to see if I was alright.

I am alright, just a 1960s kind of alright.  I do not hear my phone and it takes me at least ten minutes to craft a response text to say "no, yes or on the way."  About two weeks ago I responded to my friend Roxanne's text with a lengthy, witty response.  I was so proud.  She never responded.  Later she showed me my text and it was either in russian, arabic or some not yet developed language.

I am not reclusive, fundamentalist or a hater.  But I am an incompetent.  This is an open apology to all my friends and family.  For all the times I didn't answer the cell phone although you called me four times (this is a long list including my husband, my children, my friends and co-workers).

If you have texted me without reply, I truly apologize.  I  would like to promise to do better but it is not happening.  I can't take the pressure.  I promise to check the phone periodically throughout the day, try to remember to take it off vibrate after meetings and call you if needed after a text.  Unless I have ten minutes to type "yes, no or on the way" as a response. I love you all dearly, I am just a luddite.


Andrea said...

IDon't be a hater! Feel the love...I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award.

rporter47 said...

No worries - we love you anyway. :-)