Monday, July 23, 2012

Wright Memorial Kite Festival 2012

Here are some scenes from our long weekend in the Outer Banks.

Reed setting up for the Wright Brothers' Memorial 34th Annual Kite Festival

Flying High!

Sand Art at Kitty Hawk Kites

Reed's Coke Kite

Our Dive beach hotel

The pics of the hotel are limited.  Reed has always had a fascination with dive beach hotels.  They remind him of his childhood vacations in Florida with his family.  We may have even crossed his comfort threshold with this one.  It was clean and you could get out of bed, open the back door and take 10 steps to the beach, that was the extent of it's charm.  As we checked out, we learned the hotel is slated for demolition in September.  We had a wonderful time, the Outer Banks has to be one of my favorite places!

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