Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Snowy and Fibery Day

It continued snowing today.  We ended up with 10 plus inches.  I also continued to work on my sweater.  Here is a progress shot.  I love top down sweaters because you can try them on and try to perfect the fit.  I put a lifeline in and put it on the dress form.  I am trying to decide between making the large (38) or the extra large (40).

 I also did some spinning on my Corgi Hill BFL.  I am trying for a two ply lace weight.

I want to spin it thin and definitely need to add more twist.  I am spinning it with loose tension at a ratio of 13.5:1.  This is high for me but not high enough.  Last Saturday, I took a spinning class from Nancy McGraw with my guild.  She taught us a technique for measuring twist.

I like the yarn but the twist is less than 30 degrees.  It is under spun and there will be even less twist after plying.  Tomorrow, I will sample some more and try to get the twist angle between 35 to 55.

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