Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hello there!

I cannot believe I have not posted this year.  Where did January go?  I have been working, spinning, spending time with family and friends and just generally living life with out recording it.  There is something to be said for that but I enjoy having these blog snapshots.  As I looked at last year I was surprised by the lack of knitting output.  Further thought revealed there were reasons for that.

The most significant reason is my discovery of the joys of spinning.  There was also the detour into the soap making business.  Over 500 bars made and sold. Also there was sewing in the mix.  I am like the dog in "Up" yelling out squirrel. Distracted and "chasing" the next thing.

My word for this year is focus.  Trying to avoid the "ooh shiny" and staying intent on the project at hand.  Case in point, I am participating in the Ravellenics on Ravelry.  You challenge yourself to complete a project during the winter Olympics.  I am working on a handspun sweater.  I spun the yarn during the Tour de Fleece.

It is Day three, I am ready to start the raglan shaping.  You read about the importance of knitting with your handspun.  Working on this has driven that point home.  As I knit with this, I can feel the changes in the texture and diameter of the yarn.  My hands feel the crunchy over plied spots and relax when I feel the soft cushy bits.  This was the first chain ply I did and it shows.  This will be a rustic sweater.  At least this is what I am telling myself.  Stay tuned.

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