Sunday, March 30, 2014

Carolina Fiber Frolic

The Carolina Fiber Frolic is the best fiber retreat imaginable.  Wonderful classes, a scenic venue, good food and most of all a terrific community of creative, passionate, fiber folk.

Day One

I began the day with a class with Kristen.  We began by using cards to make rolags.  Renate looks so studious.
Susan is working really hard, Peggy is posing for the camera.

Kristen explains how to use the blending board.

Between classes, lots of time to visit, knit and laugh.  Sue, Donna, Kim and Sallie knitting and chatting.

Kristen, Vicki and Renate relaxing in the sunroom.

A comfy chair, a fireplace, a cuppa and your knitting, what else do you need?

Right after happy hour and dinner there was a knitting contest.  Knitters paired off to see how many rows they could complete knitting in tandem.

Pat and Sallie

Anne and Jen, a super mom and daughter team.

Sarah and Priscilla

Kris and Sharon

Mel and Kathy

Janis (named after the Janis Joplin) and princess  Ann.

Roberta and Kristen

Susan and Laura had a real challenge as one is a thrower and one is picker!

The competition for who could spin the most in shortest amount of time involved handicapping last year's champion with a blindfold.  Princess Ann won anyway by a yard or two.
Bless her little heart.

Day Two

Vicki taught a superb class on eco-dyeing.

Renate is a superb smoosher.

Judy gets some guidance from Vicki.

Lots of opportunities to sit relax and visit.

Courtney works out Susan's kinks and knots.

 Barton visits with Pat, Peggy, Susan and Ann.

 Pat's dear hubs Peter catches a few winks between Starbucks runs for the spinners.

 It is the 1Sleeve Triplets, Susan, Peggy and Fran.

 Janis shows off her beautiful lace scarf hand knit by friend Kris.  Kris can I be your friend too?

Kristen thanks Jan for another terrific Frolic.
 There were also more contests, numerous door prizes and a terrific fashion show with more laughter and friendship than this post can recount.  Until next year, frolic on friends.


Unknown said...

This is a great photo recount of a GREAT great time!! Thanks Michele! Love, Princess Ann!! ;)

amarkonmywall said...

I was just checking to see when the Fall retreat is scheduled and found the link to your post. It's great! And I love your staycation photos- you've been wonderfully busy. I like all the eco-dyeing.