Friday, March 7, 2014

My Beautiful Fleece

Last October I purchased my first fleece at SAFF.  I dropped it off at the Zeilinger's booth to be shipped off for processing. It arrived on Wednesday and is so beautiful and soft.  It is a deep black Corriedale with a silver halo.

My big bag of fluff.

This will give you some perspective.
The fleece was originally 6.5 pounds and after processing weighs 4.2 pounds.  it is incredibly soft and squishy.  I spun about an ounce last night to sample.  Tonight I did a 3 ply and wet finished it.  Tomorrow I will knit up the sample.  I have a couple of sweater ideas rumbling around in my head.


Susan Sitze said...

oooohhhh pretty! Can't wait to feel it and see the sample!

Michiele said...

I am going to pull you off some it is scrumptious.