Saturday, May 17, 2014

Busy Saturday

Reed and I drove to Sanford to visit with Ryan, Emily and Riley.  We went to Big Bloomers Flower Farm.  This is an awesome place for perennials, annuals, herbs, hostas and more!

After Big Bloomers we had lunch together and then headed our separate ways.  Reed and I went to a nearby roadway and deadheaded a hatful of poppies.

Next up, a stop at Lake Crabtree to fly kites.  The recent rain brought the lake level up considerably.  Very little field left for playing.


When we got home, I prepared four more bundles for eco-dyeing.

These bundles with the iris blooms are being wrapped around driftwood and will be placed in water with iron added to it to hopefully enhance the purple.

This pot had the poppy bundles, I used the mordanting water and added pennies and additional pieces of copper pipe.

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