Sunday, May 11, 2014

More adventures in eco-dyeing

Thursday during lunch I collected some flowers and leaves from the yard prior to a storm.  Above you can see some iris and tansy being laid out for bundling.  The stick is a piece of driftwood from Hatteras.

Four bundles wrapped tightly and ready for the pot.  Simmered at 160 degrees for one hour and left in the water for 24 hours.  I added iron to the pot in an effort to deepen the blues and purples.

Deep purple iris silk scarf.

Close up shot

This is lavender iris blooms with tansy leaves.

Close up shot

Red roses and rose leaves.

Close up shot, this scarf is 37%wool and 63% silk, it is a little heavier than the 100% silk scarves.

Purple iris blooms with yellow onion skins.

Close up shot.



Susan Sitze said...

I love the deep purple iris one & the one with both iris & yellow onion skins! I don't know where you find the time to do all this stuff!

Michiele said...

Thank you, look who's talking. You crank out the knits!