Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hatteras Scarves

While we were in the Outer Banks last weekend, I collected seaweed, driftwood, small shells, leaves and random bits while walking on the beach.  I knew I wanted to push my eco-dyeing beyond flowers.
Seaweed, straw and even the  exo-skeleton from a small crab laid out on a silk scarf.
Close up of the random bits.
The bundles ready to go into the pot.  I wanted these scarves to visually represent the beauty of this special place.  I added some Greener Shades dye in the color Coral Reef.  This dye would be considered organic except there is some copper in this turquoise color.
Hatteras Scarf 1
Hatteras Scarf 2
Hatteras Scarf 3

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Susan Sitze said...

#3 told me it wants to come live at my house!