Friday, June 27, 2014

What I Did on My Summer Vacation - Day One

Today was the first of ten days off from work for me.  I don't think I have ever taken that much time to just stay at home and regroup.  Besides having some things I want to accomplish around the house, I also have plans to have a spot or two of fun each day.

On today's agenda washing wool.  My Jacob fleece from MDSW has been waiting patiently for a little attention.  Other than washing sample locks, the fleece has remained wrapped in a sheet in the garage.

After a little internet research I gathered my mesh lingerie bag, grabbed 66 grams of light colored fleece and washed it in hot water and dawn. 
Bad photo but you can see the wet, washed fleece in the mesh bag.  I spun the water out using the spin cycle on my washing machine.  The lock structure was not maintained using this method.

This first batch laying out to dry, clean  and not at all greasy.  The difference is striking  as compared to a clump of the unwashed fleece.  I used too much soap and let the Dawn create suds so a lot of rinsing was required.

My improved process, I went to Big Lots and bought four of these small baskets.  I also filled my basins with hot water first and then added just two teaspoons of Dawn.  This allowed me to lower the basket full of fleece into the hot water without dealing with all the suds.  I set a timer and left the wool submerged for twenty minutes.  I DID NOT MESS WITH IT!

After first 20 minute scour.

After second scour.  I was concerned about the dirty tips but had read the dirt and debris would flick out and it did.

Clean beautiful locks drying in the backyard.  The baskets allow for draining the wool, then I blotted it with a towel gently before putting it on the sweater dryer.

Clean, flicked locks ready for spinning. 

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