Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Comparative Lace

We all took comparative literature in college, this is the lace equivalent. My knitting group is having a knit along of the CeCe Sweater. Reading the pattern, I was a bit anxious. At one point in the sweater we will be decreasing and maintaining the lace pattern. Never having knit lace before this sounds a bit ambitious for me. In order to prepare, I bought a simple lace pattern and a ball of lace weight. Went home and knitted a few inches and quickly discovered this was a long term commitment. Went back to Cozy, a LYS in Durham, NC and bought 2 skeins of LaGran Mohair in this lovely seafoam green. Found another 3 skeins at Great Yarns, a LYS in Raleigh, NC and started knitting. It is now about six feet long. I think this is the perfect first lace project, it is a pattern by Margaret Urban copyrighted in 2005. Margaret teaches knitting at Cozy. The pattern is called "Shawl and Scarf in Vine Lace, it is a four row repeat and if I can do it anybody can. I hope to finish it this weekend and wear it soon. Adventures in lace, who would have thunk it!

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