Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We had a meeting of our knitting group, Girls with Purls on Sunday. It was a planning meeting for 2008. After we planned events for several months of the year, we ate a bit and knit a bit. We talked throughout about our lives and our knitting. Someone made the comment that we shared alot more about our lives when knitting. Somehow, it was easy to open up to each other. I think it goes beyond the fact we have knitting in common. With needles in our hands,we talked about families, careers, joys and disappointments. I am amazed at the capacity that knitting has to help me adjust the distance between myself and people or events. On occasions like Sunday, I can share details about my life without hesitation, bringing me closer to people I want to know better. I also use knitting to create some space between myself and others. Space to listen, consider what is being said thoughtfully and NOT respond unless it is constructive and necessary. Knitting - it's good stuff! In light of all the resolutions abounding on the knit blogs, here is my knitting Top Ten. In 2008, I want to...
  1. Knit one pair of socks each month, in keeping with Ravelry 2008 sockalong.
  2. Choose knit projects carefully, whether for myself or others.
  3. With each new project, learn at least one new thing.
  4. Knit the Modern Quilt Wrap (kit was a Christmas present but is back ordered).
  5. Start CeCe sweater by February 1 and complete by April 1, 2008.
  6. Knit a lace project with Cashmere.
  7. Manage Stash!
  8. Resist the urge to buy every knitting book published.
  9. Learn Fairisle knitting.
  10. Enjoy every knitting moment.

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