Sunday, January 13, 2008

Curbing My Enthusiasm

I visited a new yarn store on a recent afternoon. The Hillsborough Yarn Store, in Hillsborough NC of course. The owner was very nice and welcoming and the yarns lovely. She carried many of the Debbie Bliss yarns, which I love. Long story short, I bought a few things. Three balls of baby cashmerino in a pale gray for cabled socks and a nifty little kit with a skein of yarn, hand milled soap and directions for a bath mitt. Did I need these things? Absolutely not, I wanted them though. I once fancied myself a stashless knitter and then promptly developed a whole system of rationalizations for buying yarn. You know the drill... sock yarn doesn't count, yarn for gift and charity knitting doesn't count etc... I am trying to control the amount of yarn amassed and the number of things on my needles. There is a point when the excitement of new projects and yarn overwhelms me. I need to limit myself so I am fully engaged, excited with the promise and possibilities of future knitting. My system is to limit yarn into what will fit in the bins pictured and limit my knitting books to this small cabinet. It is a challenge though, especially the books. I am trying to finish the three WIPs listed at the top of the blog as I am due to get my yarn from KnitPicks anyday f0r my daughter's CeCe sweater.


KaKi said...

So, the pics. Are they a before and after of the same space? It kind of looks like that. I gotta say, both pieces of furniture are great!! I especially love the second one with the canvas drawers? or baskets? Great yarn stasher!!!

Knit On Regardless said...

These are actually two corners of my dining room. One space for the books and one for the yarn. The yarn is in canvas bins. Both pieces of furniture are from HomeGoods in Apex, one of my favorite stores.