Monday, August 4, 2014

All the things...

Sometimes I believe I have a specific kind of ADHD...crafters ADHD.  I want to do all the things.  This weekend was a perfect example.

Friday night, the activities were:
  • Finished the hand sewing on five knitting project bags
  • Started a shawl with my handspun, Nurmilintu
  • Spinning on the wool/flax blend.

Saturday, the line up was:
  • Organizing the craft room
  • trip to Ikea for hubby's kite room and a fold up drying rack
  • washed, dried (on the new rack) and steam pressed 12 eco-dyed scarves
  • Knit on Nurmilintu
  • Scoured and mordanted six silk infinity scarves for future dyeing.
  • Scoured and mordanted 224 grams of Shetland roving
Sunday activities included:
  • Blocking three spa clothes and a cowl
  • Gathering 660 grams of Queen's Anne's Lace along a roadside near our home
  • Gathering 30 grams of Russian Sage blossoms from the front yard
  • Trip to Wally, Big Lots and TJ Maxx for new dye pots
  • The usual laundry, cooking and going to gas up  the car.
  • Straightening my office, shredding files from 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • Spinning for an hour or so on the wool/flax blend.
  • Bundling and steaming 4 bundles of eco-dyed scarves, this involved gathering hibiscus, rose and eucalyptus from my dye garden.
  • Steaming the Queen Anne's lace and Russian Sage to dye the roving.
  • Completed July travel report.


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