Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Simple Pleasure - First Installment


As I have mentioned, dear hubbo (DH) 's job was eliminated last month.  We are on a new path and it requires limiting our discretionary spending.  The theme for May is SMALL LUXURIES and SIMPLE PLEASURES.  I will post a Simple Pleasure (things that are free but bring joy) or a Simple Luxury (things that cost a little but make me happy) for each day.  I realize this sounds corny but I am seeing my day to day activities through new eyes as I try to limit expenditures and focus not on not what is lost but can be found on this path.

For example, my ritual of random lunch hour shopping needed to go as did my every Friday ritual of going to Barnes and Noble for books and magazines (yikes, at $40.00 dollars or so a pop) to celebrate the end of the work week.

Simple Pleasure #1 - evenings in the backyard with DH, listening to the birds sing and enjoying quiet moments together.


Bindu said...

Saw you at NabloPoMo. I am Bindu Blogs. Not writing on the blogger that much.
Like the simple pleasure. Knowing to know how to live within the smaller income is a challenge. But, hope, you are going to win the challenge.
I myself,stopped some of the luxuries which needed money.

Hippy Chick said...

Great post and I think this is a wonderful idea for blogging! Simple pleasures are something we can all benefit from sharing.

Knit On Regardless said...

Thanks Bindu and Hippie Chick!