Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Warning Picture Heavy Post

Following is a step by step pictorial of our first batch of cold process soap.  A note of clarification - all the containers, spoons, mixing blade etc... are dedicated to non-food pursuits (dying yarn and now making soap).

Step 1 - Measuring the oils and water.  We used a food scale to measure the ingredients in grams.  The powdered lye is in the baggie.

Step 2 - Pouring the lye into the water.  We did this outside because of fumes and used gloves.

Step 3 - Stirring the water and lye mix.  It heats up considerably.

Step 4 - Adding the water and lye solution to the melted oils.

Step 5 - Stirring the water, lye and oil mixture.

Step 6 - and stirring, and stirring

Step 7 - and stirring (note the color change)

Step 8 - pouring the liquid soap into the molds

Step 9 - molded and curing

The soap has now cured for 24 hours but is still somewhat soft.  We are going to give it another 24 hours and see if it gets hard.  It is Green Tea and Cucumber soap but I am not taking Reed's suggestion to name it "Cucumber Farts."

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Susan said...

Cucumbers have that effect on your husband too huh? LOL Sorry the batch didn't turn out.